As a believer you’re making the decision to follow Jesus’ example (Matthew 3:13-17) to fulfill all GOD’s commands. Water baptism doesn’t save you, but rather it’s an outward expression of something that’s already happened in your heart. Your decision to follow Jesus is a lifelong, daily journey that is amazing, and your NEXT Step into the water will be a memorial for you to remember for the rest of your life!

You’re also following Jesus’ Commission (Matthew 28:18-20). Just before He ascended back to Heaven, Jesus gave some very specific instructions to those who called themselves His disciples (His followers, His students). Included in this list of instructions was for His followers to go make disciples, to baptize them and to teach them His Truth. You decision to be water baptized is your first step in fulfilling the Great Commission!

You’re also participating in GOD’s Salvation Plan. The godly people who heard Peter’s sermon on Launch Sunday of Jesus’ Church (Acts 2) responded to the Truth about Jesus by asking what they needed to do (Acts 2:37), Peter told them to repent (follow Jesus) and to be water baptized (Acts 2:38). So, through water baptism you’re sealing the salvation that you received when you repented of your sins!

There’s one final aspect of water baptism that is so life-changing: you’re getting a new identity! The Bible tells us that when we’re baptized into Christ (Salvation, or into Jesus the Savior) that we are putting on Christ’s Identity like putting on new clothes (Galatians 3:27). This means that when you come up out of the water everything that identified up to that point is forever washed away. It no longer identifies you… you’re brand new! Your past is gone and you’re adopted into the Family of Jesus!


Are you ready to take your NEXT Step in water baptism? This is the greatest decision of your life… you’re choosing Jesus!

Join us on last Sunday of each month where we will celebrate water baptism. When you’re ready to take your next step in following Jesus, please text BAPTISM to 504-608-5266 to register to be baptized.


What Do You Need to Bring on Sunday?

You’ll need to bring a change of clothes (dark t-shirt and shorts) and a towel.

When Do the Baptisms Start?

We begin our baptism celebrations around 15 minutes after our 11a Experience ends… approximately 12:15p. Pastor Monte will dismiss you a little bit earlier than everyone else so that you can change your clothes.

Can My Child Be Baptized?

We practice believer’s baptisms which simply means that we encourage each individual to express their belief in Jesus before being water baptized. If your child is old enough to understand that Jesus is their Savior, and they are ready to make a decision to follow Him, we are happy to baptize them.

NOLA Wants to Help You Celebrate

To help you celebrate this amazing day we’ll be taking your picture, as well as videoing your baptism. We’ll email a high-quality picture to you. We also want to celebrate with GOD’s people all over the world, so we’ll be posting your pictures on our social media platforms. If you’d rather your pictures not be shared please let us know and we’ll be happy to honor your request.