We are passionate about serving people. The NOLA Chow Team is all about creating community through food. We work with NOLA Serve to provide food for various outreaches, as well as help to distribute food to needy families, or those who’ve been impacted by tragedy or disaster.

Our next NOLA Chow Event will be at our annual SERVE Day on July 16 in Shrewsbury, where we’ll be cooking and serving food for the neighborhood while NOLA Serve helps the residents clean, mow and repair their yards and homes.


Each month we cook and sell plate lunches in the Elmwood area to help raise funds for our outreaches and to build out our facility located in Elmwood. When you buy a plate lunch you’re helping to feed families all over the GNO.

Plate lunches are always prepared from fresh ingredients and are delivered by our team, all for only $8! The menu varies each month. To place your order you can text LUNCH to 504-613-6522, or you can use the link below.