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Proverbs 27:23

  • Tell me about your relationship with Jesus. Does your relationship with Jesus take priority in your life?
    • If no, share with them your personal story and offer to pray with them that Jesus will be the Lord of their life.
    • Invite them to a Sunday Worship Experience.


  •  Are you regularly attending weekly Worship Experiences?
    • If no, offer to meet them on Sunday before an Experience and sit with them.


  • Have you been water baptized since you’ve become a believer?
    • If no, encourage them to be baptized at the next Baptism Experience, and invite the rest of your Small Group to come for support.


  • Have you completed the Growth Track?
    • If no, encourage them to attend the Growth Track. Remind them that it doesn’t have to be done in order, so they can jump in at any time! Offer to meet your Small Group members there to attend the Growth Track together.


  • Have you identified your Spiritual Gifts? Are you using them to SERVE on the SERVE Team?
    • If no, encourage them to attend Discovery 301 on the third Sunday of the month and SERVE 401 on the fourth Sunday of the month. Even if they’ve attended Discovery 301 before, it’s fun to attend again and discover new things.




  • Do you have relationships that offer accountability?
    • If no, encourage them to find an accountability partner.


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