3 Ways to Live After GOD’s Heart

[vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_single_image image=”5250″ alignment=”center” border_color=”grey” img_link_target=”_self” img_size=”large”][vc_column_text]David is called a man after GOD’s Own heart (Acts 13:22, 1 Samuel 13:13-14). Why is this important, and—most importantly—how do we have the same spoken about us?

1. Transform Alone Time into Solitude with GOD

As a shepherd, David spent a lot of time by himself in the pasture.  Instead of letting this alone time turn to isolation, GOD led David to a place of solitude with Himself.  These moments of solitude that David began to reflect upon and discover the heart of GOD as well as the value of a personal relationship and a life that worships the LORD.   

Similarly, when we find ourselves alone, GOD is gently calling us to enjoy a moment of solitude with Him, to discover His heart for us. Whether it be through feeling the sun’s warmth on our skin, taking a deep breath and feeling the air in our lungs, offering a simple prayer of gratitude, or peacefully listening for GOD’s whisper, these periods of aloneness can become powerful moments of solitude with our Creator. These simple experiences of GOD’s presence then lead us closer to His heart.


2. Worship With Your Whole Being

David is called a man after GOD’s Own heart, not because his behavior reflected this, but rather because despite his own personal issues, he continued to chase after GOD; despite his own sin, he recognized GOD’s greatness and worthiness. This understanding came from his times of solitude with GOD.  It also led him to a deep and intimate worship of God, in which he offered up his entire being, despite his flaws and shortcomings.

“In view of God’s mercy, . . . offer your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and pleasing to GOD—this is your true and proper worship.”  (Romans 12:1, NIV)

Notice that Paul does not tell us to “get ourselves figured out, and then worship.”  Too often we fall into the lie suggesting we have to be “good enough” to come before GOD, when that will never be the case.  We can never earn GOD’s presence in our lives.  Instead, GOD seeks us out, even when we are unworthy.  In response, we are called to live after GOD’s heart and to receive GOD’s unending mercy.  Our “true and proper” worship is then found in offering him our entire beings and worshipping Him with everything we have and everything we are. 

David understood this truth, which is why during every time of struggle and trial throughout his life, David would turn and worship GOD to express his need and desire for GOD.  


3. Discover & Embrace Your Anointment

David’s life was set apart because of the anointing that he receives (1 Samuel 16:1-13). After David’s anointing, the Holy Spirit was with him for the rest of his life. An anointing is the marking or smearing of us by GOD.  In our own lives, an anointing is the designation that we have been chosen by GOD. Through the blood of Christ, we have all been uniquely anointed.  We have all been uniquely chosen.

This anointing is the empowerment by the Holy Spirit to discover and accomplish the Mission that GOD has created and chosen you to fulfill.  We may not immediately be aware of what our Mission is, and that’s okay.  Each journey of faith is one of a kind and discovering our anointment is certainly an aspect of living after GOD’s heart.  

Once we have recognized our Mission, we must embrace our anointment and live in surrender to GOD’s Plan for our lives as His Favor goes before us to prepare our path.  Such surrender is not always easy.  As we see in 1 Samuel 16:19, David is anointed to be king, but was sent back out into the pasture to tend the sheep in the meantime.  Even so, David was content to serve where he was positioned until GOD changed his position, because he understood his Mission and surrendered his plans to GOD.  

To life a live after GOD’s Own Heart, we must spend intentional time in awareness of His presence, intimately worship Him with our whole being, and answer the personal calling He has placed on our life.  

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