Discovery is all about discovering three very important Truths: Who Jesus Is, what He did, and what He says. The answers to these questions reveal who we are because of Him, where we belong because of what He did for us, and how we serve others because of every Word He says.

Discovering our Calling reveals the opportunities that are already around us for us to leave a Legacy for the Kingdom of Jesus, and in someone else’s life. The reality is that living effectively isn’t about what we know, but rather Who we know.

Jesus wants you to overflow in your Calling. Check out our Discovery Team to find your place.



Have you ever wondered what’s next? This is a questions every believer faces at some point in their relationship with Jesus, and this is why we offer a jumping-off point that helps every believer discover who they are because of Jesus, where they belong because of what He did, and how the make an impact because of what He says.

NEXT Steps class is the third Sunday of every month after the Worship Experience.


Growth Track is a class design to help potential leaders discover their Calling. In this class you’ll learn what to expect before jumping into leadership, and how to prepare yourself to carry the weight of leadership.

Growth Track is a Wednesday night class that meets the second month of every Quarter.


We help Leaders discover their GOD-given Calling through intentional, Bible-based training and equipping to empower them to connect people with GOD through their Passions.

Leadership Track is a Wednesday night class that meets in the second month of every Quarter.