Community Connects Us

Community is Jesus’ Plan for every believer to connect, grow, and become the person He designed them to be. In fact, it’s only through biblical Community that we’re able to find healing from our past and present hurts, as we build Life-giving relationships with other believers.

Community happens in the life we’re already living, but it’s realized when we invite someone else into our life. These intentional connections create pathways for Jesus to touch the lives of everyone we meet. Community doesn’t add something to your life, it simply invites Jesus, and other people, into your life.

While Sundays are designed for the entire NOLA Fam, Sundays are where we learn to live in Community with other believers. As we create an atmosphere of hospitality and genuine affection, we being to see how easy it is to do this same thing in our every day lives. Then, we take the principles we’ve learned on Sunday and live them every day of lives, with our family, friends, co-workers, and anyone Jesus connects with us; all so we can connect them to Him!

Our Sunday Teams create an environment where Life-giving relationships can start when you walk in the door, at our Cafe, in our Lobby, in the Theater, and even in the parking lot. Then, we show you how easy it is to host a Group in your home with effective training and resources, and surrounding you with a Team.



Want to Get Involved?

Attend a NEXT Steps Class

NEXT Steps class is on the 3rd Sunday of every month. You can sign up online or on the App.

Attend Community Track

Before you host or lead a Group, be a part of one… allow the NOLA Fam to serve you. Groups happen throughout the week, and they're in-person and online as well. Then, when you're ready to host or lead, attend a quarterly Community Track class to see just how easy it is.

Get Involved

After completing NEXT Steps and finding a Group, get involved by serving other people who attend Sunday Experiences, and share the Community you've already experienced.