Discovery Develops Us

Discovery is all about discovering three very important Truths: Who Jesus Is, what He did, and what He says. The answers to these questions reveal who we are because of Him, where we belong because of what He did for us, and how we serve others because of every Word He says.

Discovering our Purpose reveals the opportunities that are already around us for us to make a lasting difference for the Kingdom of Jesus, and in someone else’s life. The reality is that living effectively isn’t about what we know, but rather Who we know.

Our various Tracks and classes are prayerfully designed to effectively mature every believer through a progressive process of intentional Discovery. From the decision to follow Jesus, to the decision to get involved in His Mission, to the choice to accept the Call to lead people far from GOD into personal relationship with Him… Discovery continually reveals the NEXT Jesus has for every believer, individually.

Take your NEXT Step whenever you’re ready. There are weekly, monthly and quarterly scheduled Tracks and classes, and you can sign up here or on the App.

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See what NOLA is all about, in-person or online, every Sunday at 11a.

Take Your NEXT Step

You can take your NEXT Step when you’re ready. We meet on the 3rd Sunday of every month after our 11a Experience.

Get Involved

After you complete NEXT Steps your personal Coach will be there to answer any questions you have, and help you find your place in the NOLA Fam. And, if you feel a Calling to Leadership, they’ll be there to walk alongside you.