Discovery Develops Us

Discovery Circle Teams

Fresh Start

Fresh Start is a 10-week Bible study that’s designed for any new believer, or anyone who is a new Family Member at NOLA Church. In this small group we answer the 10 most impacting questions every believer asks.

Fresh Start is a weekly small group that meets in-person and online.

Leadership Track

We help Leaders discover their GOD-given Purpose through intentional, Bible-based training and equipping to empower them to connect people with GOD through their Passions.

Leadership Track is a monthly small group that meets in-person and online for teaching and hands-on training.

NEXT Steps

Have you ever wondered what’s next? This is a questions every believer faces at some point in their relationship with Jesus, and this is why we offer a jumping-off point that helps every believer discover who they are because of Jesus, where they belong because of what He did, and how the make an impact because of what He says.

NEXT Steps class is the third Sunday of every month during our 11a Experience.