Expansion 2021

GOD’s Vision for NOLA Church this year is EXPANSION! We’re going beyond our past weaknesses, our past structures, our past experience, and even beyond yesterday’s victories. Jesus Is trusting us to be exactly who He designed us to be, and it all starts in our House. In April we started the construction of a new Worship Theater, as well as a completely new and BIGGER space for NOLA Kids!

If you’d like to be part of helping to make this amazing Vision happen, pray and ask Jesus what He’d lead you and your family to pledge. Then, click on the Pledge link and make your Expansion Pledge. You can pledge to give your donation weekly, monthly, or even as a one-time offering. Finally, then you can give your Pledge the same way you return tithe or give regular offerings… on the App, online, in the bucket on Sundays.

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