Get Connected In Community

GOD’s Promise of deliverance is realized through Life-giving relationships. In these relationships we do life with other believers who encourage us, strengthen us, and help us grow in our own relationship with Jesus. We’ve learned that one of the best ways to get started in establishing Life-giving relationships is through small groups that meet on a regular basis outside of a Sunday worship experience.

Small Groups

Our Groups follow a semester schedule, and we open up new Groups in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Our Groups are focused in these three HUBs: Bible Study, Connection, and Development. Our Groups connect either weekly for eight weeks, or monthly for three months so that you’ll be able to find a Group that fits your life.

Follow the Leader Classes

Our Follow the Leader class is a small group Bible study that’s designed around the words Jesus said to every disciple He Called in the Bible. In this 4-week class we learn the WHAT, WHY, HOW, and WHEN of both becoming a follower of Jesus, as well as how to personally connect someone else with Him. Follow the Leader is available in the second month every Semester.