We want to make it easy for you to return your Tithe, give Offerings, or donate to Heart for the House. To give you can simply text $AMOUNT to 84321, then follow the instructions to set up your account. You can also set up your regular giving for automatic recurring, if you’d prefer that option. Once your account is activated you can simply text your amount when you’re ready to give. To designate your gift, simply add one of our keywords (TITHE, OFFERING, HEART) to your text, and your gift will be designated to the proper fund.


We give generously because Jesus has been so generous to every one of us. Because we have received freely, we give freely. Giving generously is also the Nature of GOD, and because we are children of GOD, we have receive His Nature into our own lives… we’re simply imitating Jesus.

Want to join us in our Mission of reaching people with the Life-giving message of Jesus? Your generosity enables us to help more and more people experience a life-changing relationship with Him. We are truly grateful for your donation and hope the convenience and simplicity of online giving will be helpful to you.

Financial giving can be divided into two categories: tithes and offerings. The Bible teaches us that we worship the Lord with our tithe, which is 10% of our income contributed to the church on a regular basis. When we feel called to give over and above our tithe, we do so as an offering.


Retuning GOD’s tithe and giving offerings is an amazing privilege. But, this isn’t something that we only do as individuals, we also give as a community. In fact, the first 10% of every donation that is given to NOLA is immediately designated for our monthly Legacy donations. Here’s how this breaks down:

ARC (5%) – This is how we help plant new churches all over the United States
MAP 1040 (2.5%) – This is how we help spread the Good News in the 1040 Window, and participate in humanitarian efforts
A21 (2.5%) – This is how we help to rescue people from sex trafficking