Expand Your House

GOD’s Promise of fulfillment is expands our individual life into being an active member of His Family. Throughout the Bible we see GOD’s Family gathering together for worship, prayer, and study. These places—churches—where they gathered become very significant locations to the individuals that make up the congregation. We call our church our House, because we’re gathering together with Family.

Because our House is such a huge aspect of each of our individual lives, as members of  NOLA Church, we want to see our House continue to expand and reach more people for Jesus. This is why we invite our family and friends to come experience what Jesus is doing through NOLA. Then, as our House here in New Orleans expands, we’re able to expand His House around the world.

There are several great ways you can invite your family and friends to encounter Jesus at NOLA Church:

    • Sunday Worship Experience (11a & 5p)
    • Prayer Meeting (6:30p – Mon-Fri)
    • Small Groups (classes, Bible studies, connections)
    • HUB Nights (HER Night, MAN Night, FAMILY Night)

Give In the House

When we return GOD’s tithe and give our offerings at NOLA Church, we’re helping to fulfill our responsibility here in the New Orleans area, and we’re also helping to fund the Vision to all our locations around the world. These are the areas of the world that are directly impacted by your faithful tithing and offerings:

Kenya, Uganda


Holland (The Netherlands)

Serve In the House

Be an active member of NOLA Church is about getting involved in what we believe, as well as who we are. Serving others is our Culture, because we’ve each freely received Grace from Jesus. Serving is about giving our time and our talents to see someone else get connected with Jesus. This is why we don’t see serving as an obligation, but rather as a privilege to shine His Light and Love to someone else.

Expand His House

Our church family isn’t just here at home, we’re all over the world. And, Jesus is expanding our House—giving us new responsibility—more and more every year. Each year we have offer two different opportunities to travel to our locations around the world, and you’re welcome to a part of the Team! All you have to do is attend an Interest Meeting for an upcoming overseas trip where you’ll receive your next steps.