Legacy Expands Us

Jesus’ Plan for every believer is for us to share what we’ve received with other people, especially those who are far from GOD. Living Legacy isn’t about photo opps, or personal benefit, it’s about shining Jesus into someone else’s life because He loves them.

Living Legacy isn’t about changing the world, it’s about showing the individual Who Jesus Is, imitating what He did, and living what He says, so that their lives are eternally changed.

There are two great ways you can get involved.  You can serve with us at one of our monthly Serve Engagements, or you join a weekly Serve Small Group to learn more about Why and How we serve others.

Get Connected

See what Jesus can do through you



Want to Get Involved?

Attend a NEXT Steps Class

NEXT Steps class is on the 3rd Sunday of every month. You can sign up online or on the App.

Attend Legacy Track

Legacy Track is a quarterly small group that’s designed to help you grasp our Serve Culture, and to teach the difference between helping that hurts people and helping that makes an eternal difference in people’s lives.

Get Involved

After completing NEXT Steps jump into one of our monthly Serve Engagements. Then, attend an upcoming Legacy Track to learn more.