What’s Your NEXT Step?

Have you ever wondered what’s next? Or, have you ever felt like there was something missing, or that you wanted more out of life? The truth is that we’ve all been there from time to time. This is why we’ve designed our NEXT Steps process to help you discover the NEXT Jesus has for your life!

This is where you learn more about NOLA Church and become a member of our family, find a Group where you can do life with other people on the same journey as you, and join a Team where you can make a difference in your world.

Our NEXT Steps class is available on the third Sunday of every month after the Worship Experience. If you’d like to find your place and get involved in the NOLA Family you can download the App or click on Take Your NEXT Step.

Get Connected

See what Jesus can do through you



Find Your Circle

GOD started everything with Creation, so everything we are begins with Creativity. Our Creative Circle is where we create environments where people can connect with Jesus in an intimate and personal way. Creative worship is more than just songs or artistic expressions, it’s adoration from our hearts for Who Jesus Is, everything He’s done, and every word He says.

Creative Teams


We create environments at NOLA where people can make lasting connections. From our buildings, social media, technology, to the web, our Purpose is to live and worship creatively. Our GOD Is Creative, so when we’re creative in designing an environment that connects people with Him, we’re worshiping Him.


We create environments in the Theaters at all our locations. We design the audio, lighting, and presentation to make it easier for you to experience real worship, and our photographers connect people to Jesus online on our website, as well as on our social media profiles.


We create environments where people can connect with Jesus through our Online Campus. We serve by capturing live video, and through video production.


We exist to connect people with GOD by leading them into His Presence, and by teaching them how to worship in their daily lives. We choose songs that are biblical and lift Jesus higher. Our worship style is as varied as our NOLA Fam, from contemporary, to Gospel… everything we do is to make Him known!

Prayer is so much more than simply talking to GOD, or reciting memorized words… prayer is active communication with Jesus. We believe that when we talk to Him, He responds… that’s why we listen.

There’s nothing too big or too small for Jesus to handle, that’s why we’re intentional in taking everything to Him in Prayer. He’s our Heavenly Father, and He knows exactly what we need, and we believe He not only hears our prayers, we believe He answers them according to the wealth of His Own Character.

Prayer Teams


We pray with people in the Altar during Worship Experiences, and after the sermon. We’re there to be a support for them, and to help them take their next step in trusting Jesus.


We serve the congregation by preparing the Communion elements, praying over them, and being there to answer questions about what Communion is and isn’t.


We serve through intercessory prayer throughout every Worship Experience, including our Online Campus on Facebook. We pray against distractions, and we ask Jesus to pour out His Spirit on every person attending or watching.


We serve believers who want to be Water Baptized. Our service begins with a short Bible study about the significance of Water Baptism, what it is, what it means, and how it applies in every believer’s life. We’re also there to pray with them as they come out of the water, to celebrate their Spiritual Adoption into the Family of Jesus.


We serve the NOLA Fam by leading and hosting Freedom Groups in the Spring of each year. Freedom is a 12-week small group that focuses on what the Bible says about dealing with our past, overcoming hurts, and living a life that’s free through the Power of Jesus.

Discovery is all about discovering three very important Truths: Who Jesus Is, what He did, and what He says. The answers to these questions reveal who we are because of Him, where we belong because of what He did for us, and how we serve others because of every Word He says.

Discovering our Calling reveals the opportunities that are already around us for us to leave a Legacy for the Kingdom of Jesus, and in someone else’s life. The reality is that living effectively isn’t about what we know, but rather Who we know.

Discovery Teams

NEXT Steps

Have you ever wondered what’s next? This is a questions every believer faces at some point in their relationship with Jesus, and this is why we offer a jumping-off point that helps every believer discover who they are because of Jesus, where they belong because of what He did, and how the make an impact because of what He says.

NEXT Steps class is the third Sunday of every month during our 11a Experience.

Leadership Track

We help Leaders discover their GOD-given Calling through intentional, Bible-based training and equipping to empower them to connect people with GOD through their Passions.

Leadership Track is a quarterly small group that meets in-person and online for teaching and hands-on training.

Growth Track

Growth Track is a class design to help potential leaders discover their Calling. In this class you’ll learn what to expect before jumping into leadership, and how to prepare yourself to carry the weight of leadership.

Growth Track is a quarterly small group that meets in-person during the week.

Community is Jesus’ Plan for every believer to connect, grow, and become the person He designed them to be. In fact, it’s only through biblical Community that we’re able to find healing from our past and present hurts, as we build Life-giving relationships with other believers.

Community happens in the life we’re already living, but it’s realized when we invite someone else into our life. These intentional connections create pathways for Jesus to touch the lives of everyone we meet. Community doesn’t add something to your life, it simply invites Jesus, and other people, into your life.

Community Teams


We help people Connect with the NOLA Fam. Whether you Plan Your Visit, attend a Worship Experience for the first time, find a Group, or even just want to learn more about what it means to be a believer, Connect is there to point you in the right direction.


We facilitate small groups in each of our Hubs: MAN, HER, Students (middle school, high school, college), Family, Bible Study, Restoration.


We serve people in our Theater by helping them find a seat, answering questions, receiving the Tithes and Offerings, and making sure there are minimal distractions for what Jesus is says and doing during a Worship Experience.


We provide an atomosphere of hospitality at all our locations around the world. When you walk in the doors we want you to feel like you’re at home, and to know that your welcome in His House.


We exist to connect Kids with GOD (infant-5th grade). We do this by creating environments where children can learn Who Jesus Is, what He did, and what He says, all in a way that meets them where they are. All Kids are important, from infant to tweens, there’s a place for every Kid to belong.

Jesus’ Plan for every believer is for us to share what we’ve received with other people, especially those who are far from GOD. Living Legacy isn’t about photo opps, or personal benefit, it’s about shining Jesus into someone else’s life because He loves them.

Living Legacy isn’t about changing the world, it’s about showing people Who Jesus Is, imitating what He did, and living what He says, so that their lives are eternally changed.

Legacy Teams


Our Mission isn’t just here at home, Jesus is entrusting us with responsibility all around the world. This responsibility is to go to where they are and to shine the Light and Love of Jesus into the darkness.

Each year we offer a Nations Mission Trip to Kenya, China, Australia, or the LA Dream Center with more destinations being added very soon.


Because we’ve freely received the Grace of Jesus, we have a responsibility to pour out the same Grace into the lives of the people all around us who are hurting or disconnected from Him. Because of what He says we intentionally look for opportunities to engage with people where they live, to meet their needs, and to shine Jesus into their circumstance… even if they never attend a Worship Experience at NOLA Church.

Our Serve Team provides multiple opportunities every month for you to make a difference for people here in our city, and everyone is welcome to serve with us.