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From the beginning, NOLA Church has been built on a foundation of prayer, and each year we’ve seen Jesus do amazing things as our church family has leaned into prayer as a culture and lifestyle rather than just something we do. In March 2018, Pastor Monte felt that Jesus was calling our church to a full year of 24-hour prayer. He began praying for direction as to how this would actually work, and that August we did a full month of 24-hour prayer as a practice run. It was amazing! We saw Jesus do so many amazing things in our church, and we knew that 2019 was our year to dive in deeper!

Pastor Monte has declared that 2019 is a Year of Prayer, so our church is now a 24/7/365 Prayer Room. Our goal is to have every hour of 2019 covered with prayer, and for there to be continual prayer at our building every day throughout the year. You can drop in any time of the day or night to spend some time in prayer, devotion and worship.