Prayer Guides Us

Prayer Circle Teams


We pray with people in the Altar during Worship Experiences, and after the sermon. We’re there to be a support for them, and to help them take their next step in trusting Jesus.


We serve believers who want to be Water Baptized. Our service begins with a short Bible study about the significance of Water Baptism, what it is, what it means, and how it applies in every believer’s life. We’re also there to pray with them as they come out of the water, to celebrate their Spiritual Adoption into the Family of Jesus.


We serve the congregation by preparing the Communion elements, praying over them, and being there to answer questions about what Communion is and isn’t.

Dream Team Care

We serve the Dream Team at all of our locations around the world by being a personal prayer team for them while they’re serving others. During every Sunday Experience, our Team is there to pray with them, or to simply give an encouraging word as they pour out for the congregation.


We serve the NOLA Fam by leading and hosting Freedom Groups in the Spring of each year. Freedom is a 12-week small group that focuses on what the Bible says about dealing with our past, overcoming hurts, and living a life that’s free through the Power of Jesus.


We serve through intercessory prayer throughout every Worship Experience, including our Online Campus on Facebook. We pray against distractions, and we ask Jesus to pour out His Spirit on every person attending or watching.