Serve Our City

The mission of our Serve Team is shine the Light and Love of Jesus to our communities and world by meeting both physical and Spiritual needs. Serving not only impacts the people we serve, but it greatly impacts our own lives as well. It’s our honor to serve the forgotten, the unwanted, the elderly, the trafficked, the battered, the addicted, the ones who gave their all for our freedom, and those who are different from us. These simple acts of kindness radically impact lives and are beyond rewarding. We’re inviting you to join in the Mission to reach more!

Living a truly fulfilled life means that we’re living the life Jesus designed for us. One of the best ways to discover real and lasting fulfillment is by serving others. Our Serve Team finds serve engagements in our community and around the world where the NOLA Fam can invest our time, our talents and our treasure. This gives us all an opportunity to live our Calling by leaving a lasting legacy that truly makes a difference.

Our Serve Team facilitates Serve Engagements around the GNO through Community Walks in at-risk neighborhoods, and monthly Serve Saturdays where we partner with local organizations to serve people in need. NOLA Church also partners with other churches around the world in the annual Serve Day every July. If you’d like to be a part of our next Serve Engagement you can download the App or click one of the links.



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