Get Started In Prayer

GOD’s Promise of rescue is the start of a personal relationship with Jesus. Relationships don’t work without conversation, and prayer is no exception. Getting started in an effective, daily prayer life is vital for every believer; not just talking to Jesus… talking with Him. The more we talk with Him the more our perspective changes, and the more our lives are reshaped by our journey to Salvation.

Weeknight Prayer Meetings

Our Prayer Room is open weeknights from 6:30-8p for Prayer Meeting, Bible study, or just to find a place to pray alone. You can even schedule a time to connect with one of our Pastors for personal ministry. Click below to schedule a Prayer Ministry appointment or to submit a Prayer Request.


Schedule Prayer Ministry
Click here to schedule you one-on-one Prayer Meeting with one of our Pastors.

Prayer Request
Click here to submit your Prayer Request to our Prayer Team.