Getting connected in a church family is so much more than simply attending Sundays. Being part of a church family provides believers a support system that extends beyond Sunday services. When you join a church family, you become part of a Jesus-centered community who walks with you through every challenge of life. In your celebrations, your church family is there to rejoice with you. And, when life gets difficult, we’re here to offer comfort, prayers, and practical support. It’s GOD’s Plan for His Family to  become a lifeline for every believer, offering love, encouragement, and a sense of belonging.

Our ENGAGE Point are designed to be easy on-ramps for you to Get Connected at NOLA Church. One of the biggest ways to do this is by personally engaging in who we are, and what we do. Real life-changes happens in the context of Life-giving relationaship, and what we’ve learned is that we worship, pray, learn, connect, and serve together, the connections are a whole lot stronger. We provide ENGAGE Points in every area of a believer’s life, from Bible study to sports and game nights, and from casual hang-outs to dinner parties… there are so many ways for you to Get Connected, and there’s no reason to do life alone.