Your church family is more than just a group of people you see once or twice on a weekend. Jesus designed His Church to a place where believers can grow Spiritually, personally, relationally, and also be equipped to grow His Kingdom. We’re very intentional to provide a nurturing environment for growth. This is why we focus the third month of each Semester to growing you in every aspect of your life… we call it Developement Month. Every Wednesday night during Development Month we offer classes designed for Spiritual, personal, relational development, and we also offer a class on how to think outside ourselves to His Mission.

These are our GROW Points, and you’re invited to try them one-at-a-time, or all at once! Each GROW Point is designed around a different aspect of a believer’s life, regardless of how long you’ve been active in your faith. As you look over each GROW Point, you’ll see how each of them is designed on a strong foundation of the Word of GOD, and to connect you—as an individual—with Jesus in a personal way.