We Live Our Values

Our Values aren’t just a few catchy phrases, they are the guiding principles by which we live our lives. We believe that our relationship with Jesus is the most important aspect of who we are, and that this relationship impacts our actions both within the church community and in the world around us, as well.

Every choice we make is filtered through each one of these four Values. They also are constant reminders that we belong to Jesus.


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Love GOD

Jesus is first in every aspect of who we are, everything we have, and in everything we do.

Love People

We accept all shapes, types and backgrounds of people. Everyone belongs, everyone is valued, and everyone matters.

Never Settle

We’ve discovered that we were created for more than simply existence… we were created on purpose for His Purpose! Because of this we will never settle for anything less than His Reality.

Have Fun

Living in relationship with Jesus is a more abundant life, and He wants us to enjoy the journey. This is why we believe in having fun as we live our faith to the fullest!