Getting involved at a church is a very fulfilling and enriching experience. When your involved your life begins to expand as you focus less on yourself and more on Jesus, His Mission, and other people. No one can do eveyrthing, but there are lots of ways you can Get Involed at NOLA. In fact, there’s something happening every night of the week! Don’t try to be a part of everyghing, but find the opportunties that match your life, and watch how Jesus will start to expand every part of who you are.

These are our EXPAND Points, and you’re invited to try them one-at-a-time, or all at once! Each EXPAND Point is designed around a different aspect of a believer’s life, regardless of how long you’ve been active in your faith. As you look over each EXPAND Point, you’ll see how each of them is designed on a strong foundation of the Word of GOD, and to connect you—as an individual—with Jesus in a personal way.