Marissa Alford

Prayer Admin

Marissa serves as the Admin for our Prayer Circle. She facilitates how we provide an environment where Jesus can connect with people personally through communication with Him. She coupons in her spare time.

Pamela Boyd

Prayer Captain

Ms Pam (as she’s affectionately referenced by everyone) serves as the Captain for our Prayer Team. She leads us by creating a prayerful culture during every Experience that connects people to Jesus by praying GOD’s Word over our NOLA Fam. She is an MS survivor and loves to share her testimony!

Jose Rodriguez

Prayer Connector

Jose serves as the Connector for our Prayer Team. He connects people with GOD’s Word during prayer at the altar. He also serves as the Connector for our Restoration Ministry, where we learn how GOD’s Word Restores us into our Identity in Jesus. Jose is an expeditor in the local food scene, and an entrepreneur.

Marc Broussard

Baptism Captain

Marcus serves as the Captain for our Baptism Team. He’s passionate about leading new believers to a clear understanding of what it means to be freed from sin and water baptized into the name of Jesus. Marcus is certified in Governmental safety and security, and Dad to four amazing kids.