Whether you’re new believer or looking for a new church family, it’s always good to know where to start. We’ve prayerfully designed everything at NOLA Church to help you Get Started in your relationship with Jesus, and to help you discover how you fit into His Purpose for your life. No matter where you are, we want to provide strategic opportunities where you can START.
These are our START Points, and you’re invited to try them one-at-a-time, or all at once! Each START Point is designed around a different aspect of a believer’s life, regardless of how long you’ve been active in your faith. As you look over each START Point, you’ll see how each of them is designed on a strong foundation of the Word of GOD, and to connect you—as an individual—with Jesus in a personal way.

Welcome home, we can’t wait to meet you in person! Remember, we’re here to walk alongside you and to answer any questions you may have.