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Our worship space is under construction, and due to some minor issues with our project we’re unable to have Worship Experience this Sunday (December 17). Instead, we’ll be going live on our Facebook Page at 10:30 am this Sunday morning for worship and a devotion from Pastor Monte. You can stay up to date by following our page or by connecting with us on Instagram.

We know that spending time with other believers is an important part of worship, so we’ve set up several Home Groups where you can go connect with other believers during the Live Feed. Each location is open to everyone in your family, and we’ll provide coffee and a snack as well. You can arrive as early at 10 am, and then be ready to worship with the rest of us at 10:30.

To locate a Sunday Home Group in your area click here or use the link under LOCATIONS below.

If you have any difficulties locating a group near you, please contact us here.


SUNDAY | 10:30 AM



“NEXT Steps is like the Russian Nesting doll of Bible studies, when you learn about one section/topic in the Bible, you realize there are more and more nuggets within that you had never thought of, never fully understood. Digging into Who Jesus is, what the foundation of our faith is, and then reading all the ways that GOD has woven the Old and New Testaments together to point towards Jesus—the GOOD News, is truly mind-blowing. I’m still mulling over all the knowledge I received. NEXT Steps is one of those small groups you can go through repeatedly and still have fresh revelations.”